Protecting Your Reputation

Our Promise

Business is built on trust. Every quality promise and delivery commitment represents an opportunity to build or break that trust. Retina Systems helps customers define, make and keep operational promises and build long-term trust with their customers. At Retina, we do it with people, processes, products, and proof.

Retina closed loop inspection systems and applications will deliver “Zero Defects” part inspection for defined attributes and real-time information to ensure process control, reduced scrap, decreased downtime, and no returned shipments. Our systems are designed to perform 100% inspection 24 hours, 7 days a week. Quite simply, we are in the business of helping our customers build trust, operate efficiently, and gain a competitive advantage.

Inspect, Package, Report

Our Three-Step Process

A Retina inspection system is designed to automate the processes of inspecting parts, ejecting and packaging good parts, and providing comprehensive inspection standards should they be requested.

The first process is usually automated by using a dial to transport parts to each inspection station, where vision modules will examine each part for defects ranging from part diameter and color to surface flaws and cracks. This ensures that you are getting a complete inspection of each part.

Parts that fail any stage of the inspection process are rejected by the system, while parts that pass all stages of inspection are ejected to be packaged, either by a packaging conveyor installed with your inspection system or one you provide. You can read more about our different packaging options here.

While the inspection system is processing parts, it also updates runtime attributes. Management is capable of seeing important system efficiencies through our Monitoring Operations and Reporting Efficiencies (M.O.R.E. Reporting) program. Additionally, inspection attributes can also be recorded in real time by using our Data Recorder feature.

Remote Access

Our Commitment to Service

Remote Access is included on all Retina Systems inspection solutions. This allows Retina Systems personnel to obtain images, store data, and control the operating system via the Internet real-time, ANYWHERE in the world. Our team can then use this information to fix some issues with an inspection system remotely and restore your operations to maximum efficiency with minimal downtime.