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Retina inspection systems have been implemented in a variety of industries and have helped our customers in these industries ensure the parts they ship to their customers adhere to the highest quality standards. You can read about all our industries below or click on an industry above to jump to that industry.



At Retina Systems, we recognize that manufacturers of parts used in aerospace assemblies must adhere to uncompromising quality standards. Implementing a Retina inspection system will help you both meet these standards and preserve your company’s name and image.

All Retina inspection systems are tested for both accuracy and precision in measurement to give you the confidence that only good parts are being shipped from your factory.




It’s impossible to ignore the impact motor vehicles have had on the development of the towns and cities we live in today. It’s also quite evident that motor vehicles are better constructed today than they ever were in the past. At Retina Systems, it is our mission to ensure that as society continues to innovate and production speeds increase, these quality standards don’t have to be sacrificed.

With Retina’s “Zero Defects” part inspection capable of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, implementing a Retina inspection system is one of the most important steps you, the manufacturer, can take to ensuring only the highest quality parts are being shipped to your customers.




At Retina Systems, we recognize that the hardware in the computers and mobile devices used around the world are being tested to increasingly strict quality standards. We also know the increased demand for electronic products has sparked a demand in production speeds of the necessary hardware.

With a Retina inspection system, you don’t have to sacrifice production quality for production speed, or vice versa, when you may have otherwise made a decision about which factor to exclude from production. Our systems are tested to ensure dynamic system repeatability and are also capable of inspecting parts at speeds of up to 600 parts per minute (10 parts per second).






Manufacturers of products with medical applications must hold themselves to high quality standards; if a machine fails while maintaining a patient’s vitals, you could face not only legal repercussions, but also a loss of customers.

By implementing a Retina inspection system, you can eliminate any risk of packaging and shipping low-quality parts to your customers. Our vision systems not only provide quality assurance, but can also handle packaging parts and can prevent mislabeled product from reaching your customers.




A Retina inspection system can provide the quality assurance in your manufacturing of parts used in the munitions industry. Our vision modules are capable of inspecting many shapes and sizes of parts that can cover every part used in the assembly of munitions.

With our quality assurance technology, you don’t have to fear facing high consequences for poorly assembled munitions parts that you shipped to your customers. Retina vision systems all employ “zero defects” inspection to give you confidence in the parts you ship to your customers.




Society’s demand for high-quality plastic products today has surpassed any that has existed in the past. At Retina Systems, our goal is to help you produce only the best products to ensure a standard of quality across all of your products.

A Retina inspection system is capable of inspecting parts of a variety of shapes and sizes characteristic to the plastics industry. We firmly believe that implementing our statistically certified inspection solution is one of the most important steps you can take toward enforcing quality control.