Retina laser systems are state of the art inspection systems designed to provide high value quality assurance and process control. Available as a turnkey system or supplied for integration with existing processes, they are the ideal solution for go/no go 100% in-process sorting and gauging operations at production speeds. Designed for a wide variety of product applications, Retina laser systems provide 100% sorting capability for multiple attribute inspection of cold formed, screw machined, molded or stamped parts. Typical inspection parameters include overall length, overall diameter, missing operation, head diameter, part orientation, and thread presence.

Retina laser systems are the ideal solution for high value quality assurance, process control and 100% go/no go inspection.

Retina laser systems are designed for high speed sorting and gauging utilizing standard inspection modules to provide custom solutions and maximum range capability.

Retina Systems will evaluate your inspection requirements and provide a cost effective solution to optimize flexibility, setup, reliability and maintenance.The geometry and configuration of the laser beams determines application.

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Retina laser systems and the human eye perform similar functions. Light is captured, converted into electrical signals and transmitted to a processor for recognition and categorization. The actual geometry and configuration of the laser beams determine the system’s specific application functionality. Material handling is accomplished with a specialized vibratory feeder bowl and gravity feed transfer rail.

For over 30 years, Retina Systems’ personnel have provided non-contact, automated turnkey inspections systems, packaging systems, application expertise, service and support. Our patented laser and vision inspection systems provide 100% quality assurance for customers worldwide.

Laser Inspection and Fastener Applications

Retina laser systems automatically inspect nuts, washers, screws, bolts and specialty fasteners for a variety of attributes including size, mix, threads, bore chips and more. It performs high-speed, non-contact inspection without moving parts for maximum dependability.

Retina Systems can deliver a custom solution including hardware, pre-programmed applications software, installation and field support. Contact Retina for an application specific “zero defects” solution.

laser systemslaser systems

Packaging Options
A Retina automated conveyer system can be integrated with any Retina turnkey inspection. Two automatic packaging systems are available as follows:

Smart Conveyer Automatic Packaging System: Provides a preset counter for programming the number of each part into 1/4 keg or like containers. A total of four containers can be filled with our standard 65” packaging conveyer.

Over/Under Packaging System: Developed to provide larger capacity for boxes while elevating box height for ease of off-load by operators.

A “no-stop” option is available for both packaging systems to gather parts and prevent the feeder from turning off during the box indexing.

You can find all of our packaging options here.

Features & Benefits

Retina laser systems provide multi-attribute, 100% go/no go inspection capability at production speeds. This delivers improved production yield and quality, increases uptime, and reduces containment issues while eliminating returned shipments and improving customer satisfaction. Retina laser systems deliver these advantages and provide the following features and benefits.

Unattended Continuous Operation:
Retina laser systems continuous operation and fail-safe design delivers improved quality, uptime and yield while reducing exposure to containment issues and returned shipments.
Modular Design: Laser systems are available as a turnkey system or integrated with existing processes (vibratory bowls, in-line hoppers, conveyers).

LCD Display: All Retina laser systems include production tested parts counters and LED diagnostics for flawless 100% go/no go and multi-attribute, single pass inspection.

Packaging System Integration:
Retina laser systems are easily integrated with packaging systems to deliver optimal production speeds and repeatable 100% parts gauging.

Rugged, Durable Construction: All Retina laser systems are designed to operate in harsh environments to ensure durability, reliability and a long operating life.

Retina Systems certified

Retina Certified

Business is built on trust. Every quality promise, every delivery commitment represents an opportunity to build or break that trust. Retina Systems helps customers define, make and keep operational promises and build long-term trust with their customers. At Retina, we do it with people, processes, products and proof.

Retina closed loop inspection systems and application experts will deliver “zero defects” part inspection for defined attributes and real-time information to ensure process control, reduced scrap, decreased downtime and no returned shipments. Our systems are designed to perform 100% inspection 24 hours, 7 days a week. Quite simply, we’re in the business of helping our customers build trust, operational efficiency and competitive advantage. We call it “Retina Certified”.








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