Retina’s standard Model 32x Vision Inspection System is the ideal solution for internally threaded fasteners and stamped product. For over 30 years, Retina Systems’ personnel have provided non-contact, automated turnkey inspection systems, packaging systems, application expertise, service and support. Our application driven process delivers technology and product solutions based on customer’s specific inspection requirements. More importantly, it provides and validates the inspection method prior to design and manufacture of the system putting you, the customer, at NO RISK!


Our Inspection Standards

Bore View

vision 32
Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Flange Crack
Bore Chips

Thread View

vision 32
Thread Presence
Thread Count
Thread Pitch / Sort
Patch Presence

Profile View

vision 32
Overall Length
Flange, Hex, & Washer Height
Flange & Washer Diameter
Ext Thread Major, Minor, & Pitch

Top View

vision 32
Prevailing Torque
Plating Presence

The Retina Solution

Retina Vision Systems provide machine operators the ability to view processed images and inspection data simultaneously. Quantitative data is stored and displayed for an “eye” back into the manufacturing process.

Touch screen monitors with simple user interface are standard. Barcode scanners are available for easy and fast part changeovers and data entry. Bulk feed hoppers and automated packaging complete the solution.

vision 34x


vision 32With over 15 standard model inspection systems, we have a solution to fit your needs. We use MINITAB statistical software to certify each dimensional inspection, putting you at no risk to your customers. Dynamic repeatability of 0.001″ or better in a production environment is accomplished with your application in mind.


vision 32You don’t want to add another bulk process after inspection. Retina’s automated packaging conveyors and integrated baggers should be added to your inspection system to eliminate any potential contamination associated with bulk packaging. Label verification is available to guarantee the package being filled matches the part you are inspecting.


vision 32M.O.R.E Reporting (Monitoring Operations & Reporting Efficiencies) comes standard on all 300 series Vision Systems. Retina Vision Systems gives management the production data they want to track and predict throughput and system efficiencies for your LEAN and Six Sigma programs.