Retina vision systems are state of the art turnkey inspection systems designed to provide high value quality assurance and process control. They are the ideal solution for high resolution, 100% part inspection of in-process sorting and gauging operations at production speeds. Retina vision systems are capable of simultaneously making multiple attribute inspections and surface flaw analysis of each field of view as well as real-time image enhancements. Retina vision systems have broad application and are widely used to inspect multiple attribute verification, thread sorting, crack/void detection, color sorting, surface finish detection and more.

Image acquisition is accomplished using the latest generation vision engines including single and multiple matrix cameras, line scan, color and ultra high-resolution megapixel camera packages. Parts and assemblies are guided through the inspection location with specialized Retina material handling technology. Designed to meet customer application requirements, Retina material handling systems maintain production speeds (60 to 600 parts per minute) while controlling and stabilizing inspected parts.

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Retina vision systems provide high resolution, multi-attribute, 100% inspection capability at production speeds. On-line 100% inspection improves production yield and quality, increases uptime, reduces containment issues while eliminating returned shipments and improving customer satisfaction. Retina vision systems deliver these advantages and provide the following features and benefits.

15” LCD Flat Screen Display:
Utilizes the latest high visibility display for real time part images, gauging tools, dimensional tolerances and counters.

Vision Toolbox:
Delivers fast system configuration via the high visibility display panel utilizing easy to understand instructions guided by pull down menus.

Multiple Operator Interfaces:
Provides simple operator control to program inspection tasks with a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen or pushbuttons.

For over 30 years, Retina Systems’ personnel have provided non-contact, automated turnkey inspections systems, packaging systems, application expertise, service and support. Our patented laser and vision inspection systems provide 100% quality assurance for customers worldwide.

Retina Vision systems are the ideal solution for high resolution, 100% part inspection, quality assurance and process control.

Retina vision systems provide machine operators the ability to view processed images and inspection data simultaneously. Part changeover is a matter of selecting the part number on the screen. New parts can be added by selecting the load feature and placing a known part in the camera’s view.

Retina vision systems provide exact dimensional attributes with outputs for use with SQC and SPC charting and control.

Vision Inspection and Fastener Applications

Designed for the fastener industry, Retina vision systems incorporate multiple dials and vision modules for inspecting and sorting parts from 1/2” to 8” at speeds up to 600 parts per minute.

Retina Systems can deliver a custom solution including hardware, pre-programmed applications software, installation and field support. Contact Retina for an application specific, “zero defects” solution.

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Specialized Material Handling:
Application specific technology including continuous motion, nested dial and split belt conveyers to control and stabilize parts for 100% inspection.

Fast Part Changeover:
Selection to inspect other parts is guided by the information on the Retina display unit. Simply select the part number on the screen to changeover. New parts are added by selecting the “load” feature and placing the new part in front of the camera’s view.

Rugged, Durable Construction:
All Retina vision systems are designed to operate in harsh environments to ensure durability and a long operating life.

Retina Systems certified

Retina Certified!
Business is built on trust. Every quality promise, every delivery commitment represents an opportunity to build or break that trust. Retina Systems helps customers define, make, and keep operational promises and build long-term trust with their customers. At Retina, we do it with people, processes, products, and proof. Retina closed loop inspection systems and applications will deliver “Zero Defects” part inspection for defined attributes and real-time information to ensure process control, reduced scrap, de- creased downtime, and no returned shipments. Our systems are designed to perform 100% inspection, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Quite simply, we’re in the business of helping our customers build trust, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage.

Packaging Options
A Retina automated conveyer system can be integrated with any Retina turnkey inspection system. Two automatic packaging systems are available as follows:

Smart Conveyer Automatic Packaging System: Provides a preset counter for programming the number of each part into 1/4 keg or like containers. A total of four containers can be filled with our standard 65” packaging conveyer.

Over/Under Packaging System: Developed to provide larger capacity for boxes while elevating box height for ease of off-load by operators.

A “no-stop” option is available for both packaging systems to gather parts and prevent the feeder from turning off during the box indexing. You can learn more about our packaging options and see how each one is integrated with a Retina inspection system here.

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